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Hostile Takeover: Liberty Leaders In Oregon

This weekend, in one of the bluest of blue states in America, over 130 leaders in the liberty movement will gather to map out strategy for the looming battle in 2014. While many are still in the throes of despondency after last November's electoral debacle, committed activists know that the time for licking wounds is long over and there are some prime opportunities for the upcoming midterm elections that can't be ignored.

Politics in Oregon have, of course, been dominated by a well-oiled and well-funded progressive machine for quite some time. For an effective opposition to be mounted, those in a long time political minority must learn to plan and work together. This event, hosted by FreedomWorks, in coordination with Americans For Prosperity Oregon and the Oregon Tea Party, will focus on coalition building for the near and far future (FreedomWorks' Russ Walker, Kristina Ribali and blogger Jeff Reynolds will be part of the program). Issues that unite rural urban activists will be explored.

There will also be presentations about messaging and dealing with media that is rarely friendly, areas that are in dire  need of improvement on the right side of the aisle. 

The event will be in the Salem- Keizer and is invitation-only.