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House GOP pushes to slash federal workforce


Democracy and Power 102:  Voters are rationally ignorant

 Tragically, the vast majority of the voters are rationally ignorant of most government actions.  The vast majority of the public is ignorant of bills, legislation, regulations and taxes that will ultimately affect their lives. 

The general public is working hard making a living, raising a family and improving their community. The individual voter does not have the time to know all the transactions of government.  It is impossible to stay abreast of all the government actions. 

  House GOP pushes to slash federal workforce

House Republicans have introduced legislation forcing the president to reduce 10% of federal workers by 2015.  For every three workers leaving federal employment, only one would be hired.

Cutting government payroll is essential to reducing the debt.  See: The Right Way to Balance the Budget.

Of course, the Politically Powerful Predators are opposed.  First, the response from the Treasury Union as reported by The Hill:

"Cutting the federal workforce will have real consequences for the American people including fewer food safety inspections, threats to the security of our retirement savings and investments, less secure borders making us more vulnerable to guns, drugs and terrorists, longer lines at airport security checkpoints and diminished services for veterans, the elderly and the disabled."

Another Politically Powerful Predator, the American Federation of Government Employees, opposes the reduction:

"These sorts of across-the-board cuts never work and will result in agencies hiring more contractors to do the work that still has to be done, at a higher cost to taxpayers than leaving the federal employees in place. In fact, that’s exactly what happened during the downsizing initiative in the 1990s, which Congressman Issa himself said he wants to replicate. It didn’t work in the 1990s, and it won’t work now.”

 While the vast majority of Americans are working, raising a family and participating in their communities, the Politically Powerful Predators are perpetually financing campaigns for members of Congress.  Now, they will be prowling the halls of Congress stopping the 10% reduction.  It’s all about power.

Again, a 10% cut of the government workforce by 2015 is essential to reduce the debt.