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It Came From the EPA


Scott Brown's election may have halted the specter of cap and trade for now, but that doesn't mean the Administration is stepping back from energy regulation any day soon.  The Administration isn't going to let a little thing like the fact that cap and trade would gut the economy, the fact that many oppose the plan, the fact that this opposition is growing, and the fact that voters in Massachusetts just sent a resounding message of disapproval of such big government machinations.

That's because they have the EPA to do a little end run around Congress and regulate greenhouses gases, putting energy costs through the roof anyway.   As the Heritage Foundation explains, we have the EPA to worry about as well as they move forward with their planned regulations.

Luckily, some Senators are standing up and getting behind legislation to block the EPA.  Among the supporters of the bill are a few unexpected names: Ben Nelson (D-NE), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Blanche Lincoln (D-AR).  FreedomWorks has long been targeting these Senators (and others) oppose cap and trade and other energy tax legislation.  Their states have everything to lose and it looks like these Senators get it.  From Lincoln's statement on the resolution blocking "Heavy Handed EPA Regulation":

“I am very concerned about the burden that EPA regulation of carbon emissions could put on our economy and have questions about the actual benefit EPA regulations would have on the environment. Heavy-handed EPA regulation, as well as the current cap and trade bills in Congress, will cost us jobs and put us at an even greater competitive disadvantage to China, India and others."