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Kaiser Family Foundation: Romney Closing Gap On Health Care Issues Too

As the steady trickle of uncomfortable news for the Obama campaign continues and one of its more prominent members shows who's really out of touch, a new poll shows Mitt Romney significantly cutting into the president's advantage regarding his signature issue. 

The poll also indicates that Team Romney's strict focus on the economy is the correct one.

The October Health Tracking Poll finds, one week before the presidential election, the economy remains the primary concern on voter' minds, but health policy issues remain in the mix.

Even the L.A. Times can't spin the numbers.

More likely voters still trust Obama to do a better job than his Republican challenger in handling the Medicare and Medicaid programs, lowering healthcare costs and determining the future of the healthcare law he signed in 2010.
But Romney has cut the president’s lead in half on most issues and nearly eliminated it entirely on Medicare, the Kaiser survey found, compared with a similar poll taken in September.
On the question of determining the of future Medicare, 46% of likely voters said they trust Obama to do a better job, compared with 41% who trust Romney. In September, the president held a 52%-to-36% advantage.

Despite the media generally declaring President Obama the hands-down winner of the last two debates, Mitt Romney has consistently held an advantage on economic issues, which fifty-two percent of the poll respondents rated as "extremely important".

The fact that what was perceived as his greatest disadvantage with the voters shows such improvement after the debates cannot be comfortable news at the Obama For America headquarters.

The Times article notes that the president still holds an advantage when it comes to "determining the future of the Affordable Care Act", which would be an important point if it were wildly popular. The poll, however, shows that voters don't see Obamacare as the godsend the administration would have you believe it is.

Meanwhile, the public's views on the Affordable Care Act continue to be deeply divided, with 38 percent of Americans having a favorable view of the law and 43 percent an unfavorable one.

There had been a slight bump in favorability for the law in the September poll which was erased, again, after the debates.

Taken individually and contrasted with the national polling averages, the trends favorable to Romney may not seem like much. When looked at as a whole, the situation makes the polling averages seem as if they might be obliterated on election day. It's not a crystal ball, but it is very notable that the president was not able to solidify or increase his lead on the issue upon which he's staked most of his presidency.

Diana Bei

Unemployment reports, health care insurance, students loans:

The job hiring increase is lying. Only Ron Paul can talk about the truth here:

Under Obama's administration, any fake employment statists on the unemployment rate reflects the stronger increased employment discriminations on specific denying the hiring to against to technical skilled job applicants. Especially for people as me who have the medical knowledge to able analysis medical frauds.

In heath care and medical administration, the turth is that medical frauds using the health care system to pursue misconduct USA governments to make the laws to enforce every public people to pay money for the health insurance scammers paying for the harmful clinical trials to use poison drugs and risk treatments to deteriorate patient's health.
This is why current employments only allow hire nursing education or PhD for hospital administrations to manage and control distributions of poison drugs to patients because nursing and PhD educations does not have advance integrative medicine knowledge for example the entired human body disease pathogenesis and drug pharmacology therapeutic mechanism.
How could nurses and PhD's can knowledgeable real medicine therapy to indeed cure patients disease by knicking off the medical education on denying employment hiring for medical doctors? Do anyone would like to trust the hospitals that under administrative controlled by nurses or non medical educated people who have no ideals about where the human head is set on?

In education System and employment administrations, under none of any promise to proving the employment opportunities for higher scientific educated and scientifc technical skilled people, but using the excuses about that unemployment are caused by less technical skills, or no education degrees. These are obserable frauds on college educations to deceive students have to forced on loans to pay the college degree. The results we clear seen is putting the graduated students down deeply under heavy debt and suppressed at bottom of the human societies. How can we believe the one who steal government money by force public to pay the tax for the excuses to healp students reducing their loans for the education unable find job in future?

The facts are: the health insurance and student loan policy are indeed only for enriching the scammers who excuses using the fraud drug productions, useless biomedical research and scam health care administrations and any kinds of fake educations onfor job training programs to defraud money from the unemployment poor people and students, and public people who were forced to paid tax.

As common senses in today, we buy anything including computers, cars, houses that all include at least one year qualified working warranty, as well as cooked/uncooked foods, required qualified for people eat without get sick, also poblic accept the rational required on return for exchange qualified goods to replace the disqualified return unused servives. Why we should not ask health care policy for the contract paid for the hospital and doctors on qualified solve patient problems in diseases, and we also have the right for ask compensations to those unable solve the diseases problems but worsing the health become in certain time periods?

Why should we pay for the education and training programs without guaranteed future employment opportunities?
Why we cannot make the contracts for our student paid for education to ensure after graduated able finding jobs? Otherwise the education should recompense back some of student loans that student paid for the useless educations.

As if visitors did not satisfy hotel services, or travalers cancled fly, the tourists can complain for reducing what they paid fee for unqualified service, return fees from canceled airflight tickets, as same for this rational fairness to everybody, why should we not ask government to recompense back from their employment services paid by our tax money for useless services and products including the scientific research which on proposes to misconduct hospital to harm patient’s life?