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Nationwide End the Fed Rallies Draw Big Crowds

This past Saturday, September 22, marked the fourth annual End the Fed day. At Federal Reserve branches across the country, liberty activists showed up to call attention to the corruption and immorality of the Federal Reserve System.


Salt Lake City Rally


Richmond Rally (h/t Nathan Cox)


Charlotte Rally (h/t Craig Dixon)

This comes several days after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced another round of quantitative easing known as QE3. In plain English, that just means the Fed is going to fire up the printing press to pump more dollars into the economy—$40 billion a month, to be precise.

What could possibly go wrong?

QE3 will likely have the same dismal results as the first two rounds of quantitative easing. Printing more money is never the solution because it will only reduce the value of the dollars we have in our pocket, essentially stealing our wealth from us.

The dollar has lost over 95 percent of its value since the Fed was created in 1913.

Prices at the grocery store and at the gas pump have gone up because the dollar can’t buy what it used to anymore.

Keep up the good work patriots!

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kapt.blasto's picture

Ok...You feel that it's necessary to "storm the bastille," right? Alright, What would you replace the FED with? No, seriously....what EXACTLY would you replace the FED...with? All I hear in this article is why it's so bad...and why you should get rid of it...but I don't hear ANY suggestion in this article of what exactly you'd replace the FED, WITH! Without the Federal Reserve, you don't have a UNIFORM CURRENCY. If Banks get in trouble, and they think they're not going to have enough CASH on HAND to hand out to their customers drawing from their checking accounts, (runs on the bank,) and the BANK that MIGHT be able to LOAN them the money, is really out to shut them down and gobble them up...where else can your local bank go? I'm sorry, to bust your bubble, again, Julie...but, when you have a GOVERNMENT design things so that IT can play "permanent debtor" to the BANK, not only through the TREASURY CERTIFICATES that the FED uses as BASIS to stack all the notes on top of each other (which I don't like, but I've shown you the way to fix that problem, WITHOUT getting rid of the FED, [Yes I have!],) but you also have GOV'T play "permanent debtor" so it can justify TAXING US (quite possibly so we can pay ourselves TAX-FREE through the BONDS we purchase to shield ourselves from any TAX BITE) then you have a VICIOUS CIRCLE that "ending the FED" won't fix! (Dagnabit, I wish I knew the <code> here for line breaks, and such, that way my text stops coming out like some godforsaken BLOB that people have such hard times reading. At least Facebook allows <shift+return>, I can't even get that HERE!)

kapt.blasto's picture

Okay...maybe I've stumbled across the codes, bassackwardsly...I'm going to try finding the code map....