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Ohio Grassroots Spotlight


Saturday September 20, I was privileged to attend the annual We The People Convention in Columbus, Ohio. FreedomWorks and our amazing Ohio activists have taken part in this event each year since it's start four years ago.

What's really exceptional about the liberty movement in Ohio is its level of organization. Pundits and "talking heads" in Washington, DC love to bemoan the collapse of the Tea Party, and of the anti-establishment conservative movement, but in reality what we're seeing is the opposite.

Instead of the million strong protests we saw in 2010, groups are working behind the scenes to fight for liberty. At the We The People Convention, intensive trainings on grassroots leadership and campaign strategy were attended by over 300 conservative leaders that learned how to effectively fight for limited government in their communities. Taking a long term approach to building an organization is a sign of a healthy and growing movement - and that's exactly what's happening right now in Ohio.

The Ohio liberty movement really deserves a lot of credit for all the fine work they're doing.