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Our Favorite Bills to Replace ObamaCare


We need to repeal and replace ObamaCare. ObamaCare has to go -- all of it. But at FreedomWorks, we think full repeal is not enough. We also need to build a patient-centered, consumer-driven system, one that’s so successful and popular that no politician will ever again dare to take it over. What we don’t need is another massive, complicated top-down overhaul. Rather, we need a few targeted, sensible reforms that reduce costs and give patients more freedom and control. Once ObamaCare is repealed, we supporters of patient-centered, consumer-driven care will need to go on the offensive to enact our best ideas. Happily, some of our friends in Congress are already preparing to do just that. Many good, debate-worthy bills have been introduced, and more bills are expected to be introduced. Here are our favorites. Each of these bills would move us toward a more patient-centered system by expanding individual freedom. 

Rep. Paul Broun's Patient OPTION Act (H.R. 4224)

Rep. Todd Rokita's State Health Flexibility Act (H.R. 4160)

Sen. Rand Paul's Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act (S. 2196)

Sen. Jim DeMint's Retirement Freedom Act (S. 1317)

Rep. Bill Huizenga's Health Freedom for Seniors Act (H.R. 3819)

We are also supportive of state-level preexisting-conditions pools, which help people with pre-existing medical conditions afford private health insurance without government mandates.

Originally posted: May 23, 2012

Updated: July 12, 2012



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Michael Pekarik

How about we scrap ObamaCare in its entirety and kill ALL the government health care mandates along with it? The federal government has no business mandating let alone controlling anything with health care. The Constitution does not give the fed any control over health care, if it's not in The Constitution, then they have to keep their hands off.

Steve Duke

Cloe you need to turn in your conservative card cause you have lost all your credibility as one and or you need to change the name of Fredom Works to "Somewhat Free Works" because your adhearing to the same old more Government crap that has gotten us to this point. Free market means free. When I was a young boy in the 60s my parents paid cash or paid their medical bills on time. It was affordable cause Gov was for the most part was out of it. Obviously other causes have also driven cost also , but the main culprit is Gov. We don't need Romney care light or anyother Gov fix we need Gov out of it almost entirely. Period


One new “market based” approach to reduce the number of uninsured is by allowing family members or part time workers to pool money from each job to buy health insurance. A group called LyfeBank, offers employers the opportunity to provide healthcare benefits by collecting funds into employee-owned accounts. Employees can purchase an insurance policy of their choice, and pay for qualified medical expenses with Visa “smart” cards, all with pretax dollars.

This new business model works within our current structure, reduces the number of uninsured, and promotes cost control, without any government mandates. Here’s an article that explains how this works,

Keven Card

I've tried several times to send an patient driven, free market idea to you that WILL lower the cost crisis of healthcare and make it untouchable. Not only that but it has the potential to eliminate the need for the federal government to be involved in ANY healthcare issue for ANY group. But, I've been fighting an uphill battle to be heard!
If you are serious about hearing options that have the potential to really work, please feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to send you a manuscript of my book "The DocNet" which addresses this concern. This isn't an issue that'll be solved in Washington and we can solve it without them!
The reason I can speak to this issue is that I've been a Health and Life insurance agent for the past 20 years and have watched and struggled against the escalation of premiums. I have an understanding of what's driving the costs and how to reverse them with the added benefit of getting Washington out of the healthcare business. I can be reached by email at: (yes, it goes directly to me).


I have been a Practicing Physician in the front line for the past 35 years, I know if the Insurance system is the primary deciders of care, and the government "Control costs" the inflation explodes, which is a common snese conservative experience.

1. Repealing appears to be handled by the judges in supreme court, if not, it will be impossible to educate the masses to repeal.
2. most of the patients are happy with the local physicians and hospitals, who when left alone will be most efficient when they have to stick to a budget, they will find a way to monitor themselves.
3. I know the cost of insurance system is at least 35% and if that is sidelined, the providers of care as a goup will be happy to care for the those who are un-insured. so the attraction of this community based health care will be accepted as a better alternative than the mandate.

4. I.P.Os which will be network of Providers of care is already in the books. if the IPOs are given full powers , and if they are offered a monthly payment based on the number of clients they will serve, bypassing insurance, they will grow into system where the physicians and hospitals will become entities, and develop their own network, develop their own criteria for care of the "end of life" decisions. the community standards will be established the last 6 months of a persons health care is currently about $100,000.00, with unnecessary care, and pain and suffering to individual patients without any improvement of functionality. Developing some moral and ethical standards will improve the Quality of end of life.
Competition to sing up individual clients will force them to be most efficient . No one have to fill any insurance form or worry of payment based on services provided.


Lisa Miller

This is where Freedomworks govt single payor "education choice" leads. Something is not right with Freedomworks.

"Swedes Wrestle with Homeschooling Ban - In 2010, the Swedish parliament passed a 1,500-page law that went into effect last summer outlawing homeschooling and forcing private schools to teach the government curriculum (no praying, no alternative teaching approaches, etc.). The 50-100 families affected by the homeschooling provisions are not all knuckling under. The Hammarnejd family, for example, has already left the country and settled elsewhere. Swedish Home Education Association chief Jonas Himmelstrand was forced to flee with his family early this year. Domenic Johansson, 7 at the time, was seized by Swedish police while on a plane with his parents waiting to take off to a new home in India, sparking an international outcry. He has been separated from his parents ever since. Other families are preparing cases for the European Court. Apparently, in Sweden, children are state property. The Left can only achieve its aims through ugly coercion."

Lisa Miller

Freedomworks now is supporting redistribution thru healthcare exchanges for folks who can afford their own insurance but due to "pre-existing" conditions like obersity, smoking or cancer, you want others to pay for it. What is happening to Freedomworks?

The same goes for Freedomworks drive for govt single payor education. Seems Freedomworks is leading us into totalitarianism under the mis-nomer of Freedom.

Leif Fossmo

Matt Kibbe, maybe i misunderstood... but are you serious??? I thought FreedomWorks was one of the only grassroots organizations out there that truly sought the freedom of individuals and less government, not just a Republican "hostile takeover." ObamaCare needs to be repealed, all of it, AND THAT'S IT. We do not need Republicans to "build a patient-centered, consumer-driven system"... we as citizens do that ourselves in the free market, WITHOUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT'S "HELP". I for one am so glad to see all of you guys sounding off below with a resounding "No way!" We need to keep a close eye on our representatives, making sure to call them and email them as soon as they attempt to whip up any "offensives". Our offensive is repealing any legislation that infringes on our freedom. Keep on keepin' on, conservatives.

Leif Fossmo

Jeffery Small hit it out of the park.

Bambi Buchowski

Looks to me as if Freedomworks doesn't get it.

Sure, Obamacare has to go. But so should the rest of government involvement in medicine.

It's like Obama wants to build a Ford and you're all up in arms because you want to build a Chevvy. Po-tae-toe Po-tah-toe.

Steve Duke

Amen Bambi. We are all sharecroppers now with an effective tax rate of nearly 50% when you gather all the taxes at every level of Government. We are all slaves to the Government behemoth :allowed to live on what is.

Bambi Buchowski

On a broader front: Look at all the government agencies that are NOT authorized in the Constitution. DEA. FBI. BATFE. HUD. ED. OSHA. CIA. AG. DIA. DOE. DHS. TSA. DOL. DOI. DOT. HHS.

Eliminate them, and all associated regulations.

Disband the unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

End the unconstitutional wars. (Not declared by Congress = unconstitutional).

Close 900 military bases around the world.

There. Now you can slash taxes by 75%, pay off the debt, still have a balanced budget and bring freedom to millions.

Paul Brown

I have to agree with Elton, lets get rid of this moronic muslim pig thief traitor, and that monkey face other half. This moron only wants to win re-election so he can continue with his lavish vacations of over $ 4 million dollars of taxpayer money, but he still can't create any jobs or get the economy back on track, because he is not interested it that. This jerk was " One Big Ass Mistake America" one of the worst excuses for a sitting Pres. I would take George W. Bush back anytime and twice on Sunday. I still miss the days of George W. or his Dad. I would love to see Jeb Bush run for President with Sarah Palin. Georgie where are you? We need you back in the White House and make it a true White House again, and get thipoor excuse out of there.

Jeffery Small

"We need to repeal and replace ObamaCare. ObamaCare has to go -- all of it. But at FreedomWorks, we think full repeal is not enough. We also need to build a patient-centered, consumer-driven system,"

I respectfully suggest that this is precisely the sort of improper thinking that created the majority of the world's current problems in the first place.

Yes, Obamacare MUST be repealed, right along with about 85% of the other legislation that has been foisted upon American citizens over the past 100 years. However, what we do NOT need to do through any political channels is "build a patient-centered, consumer-driven system"!

It is not my job, your job, or any politician's or government agency's job to "build" any such thing. The optimal patient-centered, consumer-driven health care system is what arises out of the aggregate actions of self-interested individuals operating in a truly free market. And the only thing standing in the way of that occurring is when one or more people think they have the single proper solution for all of humanity, and then use government force to impose their ideas upon others. THIS MUST STOP!

I realize that behind the words above there is some respect for individual liberty and personal choice in the matter of health care, and that the calls to "build" a new system are in some way motivated by the desire to restore to all citizens increased control over their own lives. I appreciate that, but I must point out that so long as you couple the call for repeal of Obamacare with some sort of structured plan to install in its place, then you are actually acting as agents of government force and continuing to empower government control over us all.

Government has no business casting one word, thought or deed over the area of health care. As there is no Constitutional authority granted for this, it has been nothing more than a power grab by politicians which has been occurring for well over a century. If you wish to truly set this country back on a course for liberty, then you must reject any form of government activity in this arena, regardless of whether you think it to be good meddling or bad. My health care is my responsibility. Yours is yours. It is up to each of us to seek out the best possible solution for our wants and needs in the marketplace, dealing voluntarily with others who choose to offer goods and services in exchange for payment from us.

This is the solution that you should be promoting. So please, continue your efforts to repeal Obamacare and all other legislation that interferes with the free markets, and then let 308 million individuals work to find solutions to all problems, including health care.

C. Jeffery Small

Rocky Adams

By the way, The Government does not give us our freedoms. Those were given by our creator. All government regulations can do is remove them.

Rocky Adams

It's not just obama care that is the problem and never has been. We have to abolish the FDA and all these other profiteers that proclaim themselves to be the authorities of our health. They monopolize on our health needs and keep asking for more money to cure us, all the while preventing cures from being marketed. The FDA's sole purpose is to prevent holistic medicines from being sold, simply because they can not acquire a patent on them. The entire healthcare system is ran by the FDA. Not only that but they are controlling the food drink and chemicals that you put into your bodies and you cant figure out why cancer rates are increasing. Stop focusing you attention on little things like ObamaCare and get back control of your lives. The government is poisoning you daily and you want to argue over how much it will cost you.

Richie Gauth

replace???Just repeal-what people don't think about is healthcare is not about health, its about federal governments "power and control" and nothing more.

Charles Curley's picture
Charles Curley

What we need is Regina Meena's Five Step Plan to Achieve National Health Care Reform, Wyoming Liberty Group, April, 2012. Liberty Brief #8

Don Crawford's picture
Don Crawford

We need free market medicine!
• Free market medicine means removing the double layer of insulation between the consumer and the costs of medicine.
• End employer and government purchasing of health insurance for us. Instead, give us the money and let us buy our own health insurance—creating a private health insurance market.
• Treat everyone the same— employees, Medicare and Medicaid recipients—give us the money and let us buy our own health insurance.
• Let us buy whatever health insurance we want with our own money—even across state lines—no restrictions.
• Let us buy much cheaper high deductible health insurance combined with HSAs.
• Let us control our first dollar medical costs by discussing price with our doctors.
• Let free market competition begin to bring prices down.

Joseph Gatti

No - we need to repeal it, and that's all. Get rid of it.

The only thing that the Federal government should do is pour a little more resources and training into military medical-care training and let it count in the civilian world. My father worked in military healthcare in the military for 26 years as a (equivalent to) a Nurse Practitioner/Physician's Assistant. When he got out of the military, he didn't qualify for anything.

Lowering the qualifications bar slightly, allowing lower-level healthcare to do more (like diagnose strep throat and prescribe meds) would cause more competition in healthcare immediately, and would lower healthcare costs.

I have more ideas for state-level changes too such as re-tiering the income qualifications for medicaid and medicare. None of these things require a national healthcare plan.

bill myers

But the current health care law is a revamped Republican idea. It is consumer centered complete with exchanges to purchase insurance at a cheaper cost. I will never understand why Republicans are against this today, but a decade ago supported it.

Andrew Freeman

What needs to change is the medical system. It does not help maintain health, but it helps maintain disease. Symptoms are treated instead of the disease. Nutrition is ignored. The medical system is the biggest dealer of drugs in the world.

Steve Duke

Bill only the left leaning Republicans were for this crap and just like most of this Liberal stuff the Democrates want it and to not be out done the left wing of the Republican party thinks it can do it better than the Democrates. This sucked when it was Hillary care and it sucked when it came out as the " conservative alternative" wich it was not.

Charles Curley's picture
Charles Curley

Mr. Myers, just because an idea is a "revamped Republican idea" doesn't mean it's a good one. The tea party is assiduously non-partisan, and we will call a bad idea a bad idea, whether you call the bad idea Obamacare or Romneycare.

Ignatius Turchi

Death Panels!!!

Elton Reynolds

Repeal or Replace ObamaCare...would be a good step...but a better one is to repeal and replace Obama...who is now more than ever...a dictator who totally ignores the limitations of office and the rights of congress, the SCOTUS, and we the people...