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Press Release

Paul Ryan's Actions Will Need to Speak Louder than Words


Following the vote to elect Paul Ryan to serve as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“What led to conservatives’ rejection of John Boehner was how he ran the House of Representatives. He ignored the legislative process, punished principled conservatives for taking stands against bills that would have put them at odds with the promises they made to their constituents, and governed by crisis.”

“Paul Ryan’s record has blemishes, the most recent of which was his vote in favor of the Obama-Boehner budget. But the race for Speaker wasn’t about personalities; it was about process. Ryan knows what he needs to do gain the trust of House conservatives to avoid Boehner’s fate.”

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libslie's picture

Ryan is an ARROGANT, ELITIST, leftist billionaire bought & paid for, establishment P O S. He voted FOR the blank check for Obama, he voted for the homo bill of SPECIAL rights that would have gutted the 1st Amendment & ended any pretense of religious freedom & he is a HUGE AMNESTY SUPPORTER & also wants to GREATLY INCREASE foreign worker programs such as H-1B so as to appease his billionaire handlers. He makes Boner Boy look good.

jameco01's picture

Unfortunately we will get the same ole same ole with Ryan as Speaker. Why else would he let Boehner get all the dirty work solved b4 the vote. Missed our chance with Daniel Webster taking position. The GOP Establishment will be business as usual. Pray we get Ted Cruz elected President. Rubio will fill our country with Anchor Babies!

Mace Church's picture
Mace Church

Webster, he gets a D according to the Liberty Score®
Rep. Daniel Webster Florida (R)
Liberty Score®

64% When it comes to supporting and defending the constitution and smaller government. So why was he much better than Paul Ryan? While Webster does deserve credit for challenging Boehner so late in the process, conservatives should consider that just one part of his overall record in Congress. They should also look at Webster’s legislative record which actually tells a different story when examined closely. Ever since coming to Washington, Webster’s legislative history has been far from stellar. He earns a “D” on Conservative Review’s Liberty score and has a long history of actually supporting the liberal goals of Republican leaders. In fact, Webster has been wrong on a number of issues including federal spending and civil liberties to the nation’s debt and how the federal government hands out subsidies to private to the private sector. Even when it comes to immigration, Webster departs from conservative positions with his support for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Webster currently serves on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. After his failed bid for House Speaker, Webster was removed by John Boehner from his post on the House Rules Committee which helps control the flow of the legislative process. (Daily Caller)

Most recently, Webster has added himself to the list of potential candidates for House Speaker following the abrupt resignation announcement by the very man Webster challenged in January 2015. (Politico) Arguing that “It’s based on principle, not on power,” Webster is trying to portray himself as a member who can build coalitions that bring Republicans and Democrats together. Conservatives, however, should be wary of Webster’s true legislative priorities as his voting record differs quite substantially from his rhetoric.
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Adrian Vance's picture
Adrian Vance

Paul Ryan will turn out to be a disappointment to conservatives. He is a politician first.

Google "Two Minute Conservative" for clarity.

Philgumbo's picture

I doubt he'll do any better. He's a RINO already. Boehner should be serving a prison term!

Martha Dodd's picture
Martha Dodd

Why on earth did the Freedom Caucus support Paul Ryan!??!

edieb5's picture
Edie Boudreau

So far, Paul Ryan appears to accept his responsibilities. He showed up at 5 Sunday TV programs to introduce himself and his philosophies to change the processes in the House so that all Congressmen will have equal opportunities to voice their opinions and to vote on Bills, unlike Boehner. Now we have to replace McConnell, so he can't continue Reid's mismanagement and corruption.

Brad_W's picture
Brad Wrenn

Unfortunately we will get more of the same from Ryan. The opportunity was there and the Freedom Caucus blew it.