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Key Vote

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We must hold our elected representatives accountable. Here is how your lawmakers voted on key legislation:

H.R. 2401 Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts of the Nation (TRAIN) Act of 2011
See our key vote notice here.
Passed: 249-169. See roll call.

H.R. 2587 Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act
See our key vote notice here.
Passed: 238-186. See roll call.

christian kowalski

the congresswoman did great!!what looks strange to me is the "not voting" by BACHMANN(2x),PAUL(1x),GIFFORDS(2x) and numerous others which i haven't heared of.

John Ronan

Why is the Federal Government not being investigated for dereliction of duty,in allowing so many Exexcutive Orders being promulgated out of Washington


Way to go Senator Sam Johnson! Bless you
Where are Hutchison and Cornyn's votes?