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Stop Common Core Goes Viral

Stop Common CoreSocial media is a powerful tool in the hands of grassroots activists. It is astounding that our voices can be heard around the globe without ever leaving the comfort of our own home. The rise of social media has presented a new platform for expressing our ideas and influencing others. Over the past few years we have seen online protests create tangible change all around us.

One dedicated mother has decided to utilize social media to educate the online world about Common Core. Leslie Beck has some serious concerns about the new national education standards being implemented in public schools around the country.  Many parents are worried that the Common Core standards will undermine local control of schools, jeopardize the privacy of students and neglect to prepare students to pursue their unique and individual destinies. 

Leslie decided to take action and use Facebook to promote public awareness of Common Core.  She and other school choice activists have decided to change their Facebook profile pictures to a red and white graphic that reads, “Stop Common Core.” In a blog post from yesterday, Leslie urged others to do the same, “Use the same red and white picture as everyone else who does this. Do not show your creativity. Do not show your unique style. Show the world what it would be like if we were all the same, even if it is just in this one way. That is Common Core.  That is what we are doing to our children if we adopt Common Core…” 

This kind of authentic grassroots activism is exactly what we need to help encourage others to educate themselves on the dangers of Common Core. If you would like to join Leslie and others, change your profile picture from November 12th to November 15th. Remember that education is one of the most important things we can do to raise awareness of Common Core. Please encourage others to change their profile pictures and please share all links and resources we have  provided in this post with friends and family.  

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