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As Suspected, OWS Was Populated by White Guys with Money

Don’t pretend you didn’t notice. It’s ok, we all did. Those Occupy Wall Street folks, the trod-upon masses who just wanted a fair shake didn’t seem quite authentic. Watching the footage, you might have noticed the ubiquitousness of North Face jackets. You might have seen their iPhones and video cameras or their Macbooks. Maybe you saw that OWS seemed to feature a whole lot of white men for such a diverse city. Whatever it is that you noticed, it might have prompted you to think that, just maybe, these activists weren't really a true representation of American, but more like a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. Well, now, it has been confirmed. 

That’s right, according to a new study, OWSers were more likely to be male (55%), and white (62%).  The Occupiers also didn't represent the underpriveleged as they often claimed, as 71% hold a professional position and 75% of respondents also have earned a bachelors degree.  Almost one third (29%) also hold a graduate degree. Compare these statistics against the average New Yorker, and you just might conclude that rather than representing the downtrodden masses, they really represent an entitled generation hellbent on complaining about nothing. Only 8% were found to be actual “blue collar” workers and a full third of them came from homes making more than $100,000 per year. Yes, readers, they are the 20%

“It confirmed our sense that the people who were doing the occupations were doing it out of self-interest as much as out of a kind of general political awareness,” said Penny Lewis, an assistant professor at the Murphy Institute and co-author of the report. It confirmed what we were thinking too, Ms. Lewis. These heroes of the people, these 'Robin Hoods' of the modern era turned out to be the Sheriff of Nottingham with an unkempt beard. While raging against wealth, the occupiers were, by and large, reasonably well off. Good try Occupiers but, next time, maybe look outside of your country club to find participants or, at least, leave the iPhones at home. 

stonestone's picture
stone stone

Oh the irony...

Stanley Murawski

My representitives in Washington aren't like me, either. But they are what I'm stuck with.
I think if they (OWS protestors) could have actually occupied some of the offices of the Wallstreet bosses and seen, been able to report what they've seen, maybe they would have made a difference. Any one can see that the reasons so many people feel the US is on the wrong track has everything to do with the conduct of all those currently holding power, be it those with money or those elected to serve in government. How else would you find out what is actually going on between those that got the money and those with the power to help them get and keep more?
It's the lies, stupid! The back-stabbing, constitution ignoring, those that got, I'm here to help, playing the game scum that works for Wallstreet firms and lame-stream media and the government. Only a witness to the disreguard could have been enough to begin to make a difference. So... don't be dissmissive of an agent, whatever their position, as long as they are true to the cause.