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Tell Your Representative to Support the Patient OPTION Act to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

As one of our millions of FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to contact your Representative today and urge him or her to support H.R. 2900, the Offering Patients True Individualized Options Now (OPTION) Act, and to co-sponsor the bill if he or she has not already done so.

With ObamaCare’s implementation failing more miserably than even conservatives thought possible, there is an urgent need for an alternative vision for health care reform.  It is crucial that a replacement plan for ObamaCare is based on free-market, patient-centered reforms that return more of the health care process into the hands of patients and doctors.

The OPTION Act is the most impressive legislation that has been introduced towards this goal of patient-centered care. It starts out by making all health care expenses fully tax deductible for individuals, and strengthening Health Savings Accounts – both reforms which help people achieve high-quality health care that is both personal and portable.  The bill further aids portability by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines. It also allows small businesses to band together to secure lower insurance rates, an advantage currently only granted to large corporations.

Medicare gets an overhaul in this bill as well, replacing the current single-payer government system with a premium support system that would allow seniors to choose their plans – similar to the coverage received by members of Congress. Participation in Medicare would also be made voluntary, eliminating the effective individual mandate for seniors currently in effect.

Medicaid is transformed into a block grant to the states, which will give states both the ability and the incentive to control how the money is used.

And, of course, the OPTION Act fully repeals all of ObamaCare.

These market-based, patient-centered reforms would do more to increase the affordability and accessibility of health care than ObamaCare’s mandates and exchanges could ever have accomplished.  The OPTION Act stands as the best conservative health care reform package yet released, and should be considered for a vote as the House votes on alternatives to ObamaCare.

I urge you to contact your representative today and ask him or her to co-sponsor and support the OPTION Act, H.R. 2900.


Matt Kibbe

President and CEO, 


jamcolo46's picture

single payer is the only choice.


I do not think those in congress or in the media or in these type of groups understand Americans at all. We DO NOT want any type of gov't run health care. If there are those that uncovered or can't get coverage, then focus your agenda on them and leave the rest of us to hell alone. The gov't is incapable to run anything. We are trillion of dollars in debt and they just keep on spending. We are angry about what Obama is doing to America as it once was. We are not sure it will survive his destruction agenda.