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Tonight's the night


Tonight is a very important night. Not only will the endless TV and radio commercials finally stop, but I get to caucus! I'll show up early to East High School in Sioux City- still undecided- to join in the democratic process. I'll let the campaign members try to convince me. If they don't, I'm caucusing for Milton Friedman.

Like Peter said in a previous post, victories for either Huckabee or Edwards would be disastrous. Last night, Huck showed us why on Leno.

First of all, he's a mediocre bass player. Second, and more importantly, he supports the Fair Tax.

When asked, Huckabee then went on at unusual length for a late-night talk show on his 23% "fair tax."

Of course, the Fair Tax, which has been discussed at length by FreedomWorks, is not the best way to go. Here is an interesting take on the Fair Tax by the good people at the Mises Institute.

Edwards, similarly, would be bad for the economy. His populist and protectionist leanings, on full display at the AFL-CIO debate, have ensured this.

It needs to be fixed, but the first thing I want to say is NAFTA is a perfect example of the bigger problem. This deal was negotiated by Washington insiders, not by anybody in this stadium tonight. And the question is, when are we going to change it? It’s cost us a million jobs.

Not true.

...and we ought to have -- (interrupted by cheers, applause) -- and we ought to have universal health care in this country -- (cheers)

Dear Lord.

And I have been a leader on the issues of organized labor and the issues of labor unions for years and years and years.

The same organized labor that roughed up FreedomWorks interns at a rally in summer 2007?

It's interesting to me how two people who, I believe, honestly want to do good in America, can be so wrong regarding the way to make that good a reality.

In truth, the only way to ensure the type of economic prosperity Huck and Edwards promise is to allow the free market to do its work.