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Unions Panic as Right-to-Work Passes in Michigan

Right-to-Work has officially passed in Michigan, and Union protestors have gone off the rails. Screaming “Leave us alone or we’re coming for you,” and pulling down tents with people inside. Conservative commentator Steven Crowder, trying to prevent this, was answered with a punch to the face. A hot dog vendor had his business destroyed and the union yelled racial epithets at him simply for being there. 

This morning’s vote was little more than completing what passed Michigan’s legislature last Friday, but union members were ready to riot...and they did.

This legislation makes membership and payment of union dues completely voluntary for both private and public sector employees. Prior to this legislation, union membership was a required condition of employment. The bill will now go to Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican who has pledged to sign it into law. This makes Michigan the 24th Right-to-Work state in America and, as a union stronghold in the rust belt, is quite a coup for workplace freedom. Of course, the unions hardly see this freedom as progress. 

In Lansing, Michigan’s capitol, more than 12,000 workers congregated to protest the legislation. In the face of this violence, House Democrat leader Richard E. Hammel and House Democratic Leader-Elect Tim Greimel released a statement calling for protestors not to use violence. 

“Right-to-work is contentious legislation that stirs up the passions of people on all sides of the issue. While we are committed to working against these measures with every legal means available, Rep. Doug Geiss (Taylor) and the entire Democratic caucus stands against the use of violence and do not condone its use.

We condemn violence, the destruction of property and all other illegal activity in the strongest possible terms. We urge our supporters and those who work for bargaining rights in Michigan to stand with us in our call for nonviolence."

Scott Hagerstrom, director of Americans for Prosperity- Michigan, said “It’s really going to move Michigan forward. We’re seeing it already in the jobs that have been created in Indiana,” he said. “It does not bust the unions. But it will require unions to be more responsive to union membership. A little bit of competition is good for everyone.” That begs the question- what are unions so worried about?