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Unions Weigh In on Halloween Candy

Union made candyAre you worried that there might be an aspect of your life into which unions and politics haven’t yet intruded? Fear no more! There is now a handy list of union-made candy to hand out at Halloween, put together by the folks over at Labor 411. The AFL-CIO has shared this list on their own blog, saying “If you want your Halloween to be all treats and no tricks, make sure all your candy is union-made in America.”

Just in case you were thinking about enjoying the moment as you bite into a Caramello or sneeking a couple of Hershey kisses, American union workers are here to zap those moments of joy from you. I am a fan of supporting like-minded brands, and voting with our dollars is one of the most important things we do in America. Here’s the thing: unions aren’t good for America. 

Unions have caused the once-thriving automobile industry in America to crumble. Their stranglehold on education has hurt our children. They cost federal, state, and local taxpayers incredible amounts of money. In states that have not yet adopted right-to-work, they gain members by coercion. If you wonder what a union-run government looks like, take a look at Detroit. Do we need such a societal vampire to dictate our candy choices? 

So, my dear unions, you’ve done a lot of things that have made me mad over the years.  You can keep your candy lipstick (which I’ve never heard of), but messing with my enjoyment of Ghiradelli chocolate? You’ve gone too far this time. 


photo credit: TheBlaze