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Deneen Borelli: The Tea Party Will Rise Above the “Race Card”

Project 21 fellow, Fox News contributor, FreedomWorks fellow, 9/12 and 4/15 speaker, and all around class act Deneen Borelli has a great piece up over at on the roots of racism charges against the tea party movement, revealing the sheer panic that is motivating the left to grasp at straws and throw down the “race card”

With momentum moving against the policies promoted by President Obama, it’s not surprising to find progressives are desperately trying to discredit the Tea Party.

Allegations of racism and political extremism on the part of Tea Party members, for instance, are cynical acts meant to discredit the movement and scare traditional constituencies, such as blacks.

Borelli goes on to point out the very real challenges faced by some minorities who might not be normally drawn to the tea party crowd. These are important to recognize.  But as Borelli continues, the real problem is the inflammed rhetoric being lobbed by the progressive left not just in terms of race, but also the supposed “unhinged” extremist picture the left is trying to paint. 

But speaking from experience, and with solid polling to back up what Borelli and other tea party members have been saying from the beginning:

Tea Party members, in fact, are driven by policy — not race. Tea Party members counter a government gone wild with spending, massive debt and centralized control that erodes individual liberty.

This noble cause leads progressives to retaliate by throwing mud. In the short term, this strategy may work. Over time, however, blacks and other minorities will see through the fog of words and realize the Tea Party is looking out for them, too.

Read the whole thing here.