Have Your Members of Congress Signed the “Defund ObamaCare” Letter? Find Out Here!

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The Continuing Resolution (CR) that allows funding for the federal government expires on September 30th and must be renewed in order for the doors to stay open in Washington. The CR is the best chance we will get to withdraw funds from ObamaCare. This can be done by attaching bills by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) or Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA) to the CR, which will totally defund ObamaCare.

But for the Cruz/Graves effort to have teeth, Republicans in both chambers of Congress must all be committed to absolutely refusing to vote for any spending bill that contains funding for ObamaCare.  Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) are leading the charge to get their colleagues to commit to this approach, by putting their signatures to a letter affirming that they will refuse to vote for a CR that contains ObamaCare funding.

Support for the Cruz/Graves bills is absolutely meaningless without also signing the Lee/Meadows letter. Harry Reid and his Democrats will have no incentive to compromise unless they know the Republicans are willing to take a hard stance – even allowing the government to be shut down, if necessary – in order to stop the catastrophically unworkable and unaffordable health care law from taking effect this January.

But Republican leadership is either afraid or unwilling to defund ObamaCare, and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is personally leading the effort to keep senators away from Lee’s letter. He has even succeeded in convincing five Republicans who had signed to take their names off the letter. In the House, Congressman Meadows’ letter is getting no support from Republican leadership, and only about a third of the Republican House Members have signed his letter.

This cannot stand.  Republicans have spent the last three years working to get rid of this unpopular, unaffordable, unworkable law, and there is no excuse for giving up now. Accordingly, FreedomWorks has taken the extraodrinary position of issuing a Key Vote on the letter – signatories will be scored on our online scorecard.

Below is the list of Republican Senators and where they stand on the Cruz bill and the Lee letter. 14 Senators have signed the Lee letter thus far, while five others have signed the letter but then taken their names off.   (Updated: 8/22)

Co-Sponsored Ted Cruz Bill to Defund ObamaCare



Mike Lee Letter

Co-Sponsor Alexander TN  
Co-Sponsor Ayotte NH WITHDREW
Co-Sponsor Barrasso WY  
Co-Sponsor Blunt MO  
Co-Sponsor Boozman AR WITHDREW
Co-Sponsor Burr NC OPPOSED
Co-Sponsor Chambliss GA  
  Chiesa NJ Signer
  Coats IN  
  Cochran MS  
  Collins ME  
  Corker TN  
Co-Sponsor Cornyn TX WITHDREW
  Crapo ID Signer 
Sponsor Cruz TX Signer
Co-Sponsor Enzi WY Signer
Co-Sponsor Fischer NE Signer
  Flake AZ  
Co-Sponsor Graham SC OPPOSED 
Co-Sponsor Grassley IA Signer
  Hatch  UT  
Co-Sponsor Heller NV  
  Hoeven ND  
Co-Sponsor Inhofe OK Signer
Co-Sponsor Isakson GA  
Co-Sponsor Johanns NE  
  Johnson WI  
Co-Sponsor Lee UT Author
Co-Sponsor McConnell KY OPPOSED
Co-Sponsor Moran KS  
  Murkowski AK  
Co-Sponsor Paul KY Signer
Co-Sponsor Portman OH  
Co-Sponsor Risch ID Signer
Co-Sponsor Roberts KS Signer
Co-Sponsor Rubio FL Signer
Co-Sponsor Scott SC  
  Sessions AL  
  Shelby AL  
Co-Sponsor Thune SD Signer
Co-Sponsor Toomey PA  
Co-Sponsor Vitter LA Signer
Co-Sponsor Wicker MS WITHDREW

And below is the list of Republican Congressmen, and where each stands on the Tom Graves bill and the Meadows letter. So far 80 Representatives have signed the Meadows letter:

Co-Sponsored Tom Graves Bill



Mark Meadows Letter

  Bob Aderholt  AL-4  
  Co-sponsor Rodney Alexander  LA-5  
  Co-sponsor Justin Amash  MI-3  Signer
  Co-sponsor Mark Amodei  NV-2  
  Co-sponsor Michelle Bachmann  MN-6  Signer
  Spencer Bachus  AL-6  
  Lou Barletta  PA-11  
  Co-sponsor Andy Barr  KY-6  Signer
  Co-sponsor Joe Barton  TX-6  Signer
  Co-sponsor Dan Benishek  MI-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor Kerry Bentivolio


  Co-sponsor Gus Bilirakis  FL-12  Signer
  Co-sponsor Rob Bishop  UT-1  Signer
  Diane Black  TN-6  Signer
  Co-sponsor Marsha Blackburn TN-7  
  John Boehner  OH-8  
  Co-sponsor Charles Boustany  LA-3  
  Kevin Brady  TX-8  
  Co-sponsor Jim Bridenstine  OK-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor Mo Brooks  AL-5  Signer
  Co-sponsor Susan Brooks  IN-5  
  Co-sponsor Paul Broun  GA-10  Signer
  Vern Buchanan  FL-16  
  Co-sponsor Larry Bucshon  IN-8  
  Co-sponsor Michael Burgess  TX-26  
  Ken Calvert  CA-42  
  Dave Camp  MI-4  
  John Campbell  CA-45  
  Eric Cantor  VA-7  
  Shelley Moore Capito  WV-2  
  John Carter  TX-31  
  Co-sponsor Bill Cassidy  LA-6  Signer
  Co-sponsor Steve Chabot  OH-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor Jason Chaffetz  UT-3  
  Howard Coble  NC-6  Signer
  Mike Coffman  CO-6  
  Tom Cole  OK-4  OPPOSED
  Chris Collins  NY-27  
  Co-sponsor Doug Collins  GA-9  Signer
  Co-sponsor Mike Conaway  TX-11  Signer
  Paul Cook  CA-8  Signer
  Co-sponsor Tom Cotton  AR-4  
  Kevin Cramer  ND-AL  
  Co-sponsor Rick Crawford  AR-1 Signer 
  Ander Crenshaw  FL-4  
  Co-sponsor John Culberson  TX-7  
  Co-sponsor Steve Daines  MT-AL  Signer
  Rodney Davis  IL-13  Signer
  Jeff Denham CA-10   
  Charlie Dent  PA-15  
  Co-sponsor Ron DeSantis FL-6   Signer
  Co-sponsor Scott DesJarlais  TN-4  
  Mario Diaz-Balart  FL-25  
  Co-sponsor Sean Duffy  WI-7  
  Co-sponsor Jeff Duncan  SC-3  Signer
  John Duncan  TN-2  Signer
  Renee Ellmers  NC-2  
  Co-sponsor Blake Farenthold  TX-27  Signer
  Co-sponsor Steve Fincher  TN-8  
  Mike Fitzpatrick  PA-8  
  Co-sponsor Chuck Fleischmann  TN-3  Signer
  Co-sponsor John Fleming  LA-4  Signer
  Co-sponsor Bill Flores  TX-17  Signer
  Randy Forbes  VA-4  
  Jeff Fortenberry  NE-1  
  Virginia Foxx  NC-5  
  Co-sponsor Trent Franks  AZ-8  Signer
  Rodney Frelinghuysen  NJ-11  
  Co-sponsor Cory Gardner  C0-4  
  Co-sponsor Scott Garrett  NJ-5  
  Jim Gerlach  PA-6  
  Co-sponsor Bob Gibbs  OH-7  
  Chris Gibson  NY-19  
  Co-sponsor Phil Gingrey  GA-11  Signer
  Co-sponsor Louie Gohmert  TX-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor Bob Goodlatte  VA-6  
  Co-sponsor Paul Gosar  AZ-4  Signer
  Co-sponsor Trey Gowdy  SC-4  
  Co-sponsor Kay Granger  TX-12  
  Sam Graves  MO-6  Signer
 SPONSOR Tom Graves  GA-9  Signer
  Co-sponsor Tim Griffin  AR-2  Signer
  Morgan Griffith  VA-9  
  Co-sponsor Michael Grimm  NY-11  
  Co-sponsor Brett Guthrie  KY-2  
  Co-sponsor Ralph Hall  TX-4  Signer
  Richard Hanna  NY-22  
  Co-sponsor Gregg Harper  MS-3  
  Co-sponsor Andy Harris  MD-1  
  Co-sponsor Vicky Hartzler  MO-4  
  Co-sponsor Doc Hastings  WA-4  
  Joe Heck  NV-3  
  Co-sponsor Jeb Hensarling  TX-5  
  Jaime Herrera Beutler  WA-3  
  Co-sponsor George Holding  NC-13  Signer
  Co-sponsor Richard Hudson  NC-8  Signer
  Co-sponsor Tim Huelskamp  KS-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor Bill Huizenga  MI-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor Randy Hultgren  IL-14  Signer
  Duncan Hunter  CA-50  
  Co-sponsor Robert Hurt  VA-5  
  Darrell Issa  CA-49  
  Co-sponsor Lynn Jenkins  KS-2  
  Co-sponsor Bill Johnson  OH-6  
  Co-sponsor Sam Johnson  TX-3  
  Co-sponsor Walter Jones  NC-3 Signer 
  Co-sponsor Jim Jordan  OH-4  Signer
  David Joyce  OH-14  
  Mike Kelly  PA-3  
  Pete King  NY-2  
  Co-sponsor  Steve King  IA-4  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Jack Kingston  GA-1  Signer
   Adam Kinzinger  IL-16  
   John Kline  MN-2  
  Co-sponsor  Raul Labrador  ID-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Doug LaMalfa  CA-1  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Doug Lamborn  CO-5  Signer
   Leonard Lance  NJ-7  
  Co-sponsor  James Lankford  OK-5  
   Tom Latham  IA-3  
  Co-sponsor  Bob Latta  OH-5  
   Frank LoBiondo  NJ-2  
  Co-sponsor  Billy Long  MO-7  
  Co-sponsor  Frank Lucas  OK-3  
  Co-sponsor  Blaine Luetkemeyer  MO-3  
  Co-sponsor  Cynthia Lummis  WY-AL  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Ken Marchant  TX-24 Signer
  Co-sponsor  Tom Marino  PA-10  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Thomas Massie  KY-4  Signer
   Kevin McCarthy  CA-23  
  Co-sponsor  Michael McCaul  TX-10  
  Co-sponsor  Tom McClintock  CA-4  Signer
   Patrick McHenry  NC-10  
   Buck McKeon  CA-25  
   David McKinley WV-1   
   Cathy McMorris Rodgers  WA-5  
  Co-sponsor  Mark Meadows  NC-11  Author
   Pat Meehan  PA-7  
  Co-sponsor  Luke Messer  IN-6  Signer
   John Mica  FL-7  
   Candice Miller  MI-10  
   Gary Miller  CA-31  
  Co-sponsor  Jeff Miller  FL-1  WITHDREW
  Co-sponsor  Markwayne Mullin OK-2   
  Co-sponsor  Mick Mulvaney  SC-5  Signer
   Tim Murphy  PA-18  
  Co-sponsor  Randy Neugebauer  TX-19  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Kristi Noem  SD-AL  
   Richard Nugent  FL-11  
   Devin Nunes  CA-22  
  Co-sponsor  Alan Nunnelee  MS-1  
  Co-sponsor  Peter Olson  TX-22  
  Co-sponsor  Steven Palazzo  MS-4  Signer
   Erik Paulsen  MN-3  
  Co-sponsor  Steve Pearce  NM-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Scott Perry  PA-4  Signer
   Tom Petri  WI-6  
  Co-sponsor  Robert Pittenger  NC-9  
   Joe Pitts  PA-16  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Ted Poe  TX-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Mike Pompeo  KS-4  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Bill Posey  FL-8  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Tom Price  GA-6  
  Co-sponsor  Trey Radel  Fl-19  
   Tom Reed  NY-23  
   Dave Reichert  WA-8  
  Co-sponsor  Jim Renacci  OH-16  
  Co-sponsor  Thomas Rice  SC-7  
   Scott Rigell  VA-2  
   Martha Roby  AL-2  
  Co-sponsor  Phil Roe  TN-1  Signer
   Hal Rogers  KY-5  
   Mike D. Rogers  AL-3  
   Mike J. Rogers  MI-8  
   Dana Rohrabacher  CA-48  
  Co-sponsor  Todd Rokita  IN-4  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Tom Rooney  Fl-17  
   Ileana Ros-Lehtinen  FL-27  
   Pete Roskam  IL-6  
   Dennis Ross  FL-15  
  Co-sponsor  Keith Rothfus  PA-12  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Ed Royce  CA-39  
   Jon Runyan  NJ-3  
   Paul Ryan  WI-1  
  Co-sponsor  Matt Salmon  AZ-5  Signer
   Mark Sanford  SC-1  
  Co-sponsor  Steve Scalise  LA-1  Signer
   Aaron Schock  IL-18  Signer
  Co-sponsor  David Schweikert  AZ-6  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Austin Scott  GA-8  
   Jim Sensenbrenner  WI-5  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Pete Sessions  TX-32  
   John Shimkus  IL-15  
  Co-sponsor  Bill Shuster  PA-9  
   Mike Simpson  ID-2  
  Co-sponsor  Adrian Smith  NE-3  
   Chris Smith NJ-4   
  Co-sponsor  Jason Smith  MO-8  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Lamar Smith  TX-21  
  Co-sponsor  Steve Southerland  FL-2  
  Co-sponsor  Chris Stewart  UT-2  
  Co-sponsor  Steve Stivers  OH-15  
  Co-sponsor  Steve Stockman  TX-36  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Marlin Stutzman  IN-3  Signer
   Lee Terry  NE-2  
   Glenn Thompson  PA-5  
  Co-sponsor  Mac Thornberry  TX-13  
  Co-sponsor  Pat Tiberi  OH-12  
  Co-sponsor  Scott Tipton  CO-3  
   Michael Turner  OH-10  
   Fred Upton  MI-6  
   David Valadao  CA-21  
  Co-sponsor  Ann Wagner  M0-2  
  Co-sponsor  Tim Walberg  MI-7  Signer
   Greg Walden  OR-2  
  Co-sponsor  Jackie Walorski  IN-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Randy Weber  TX-14  Signer
   Daniel Webster  FL-10  
  Co-sponsor  Brad Wenstrup  OH-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Lynn Westmoreland  GA-3  
   Ed Whitfield  KY-1  
  Co-sponsor  Roger Williams  TX-25  
  Co-sponsor  Joe Wilson  SC-2  Signer
  Co-sponsor  Rob Wittman  VA-1  
   Frank Wolf  VA-10  
  Co-sponsor  Steve Womack  AR-3  
  Co-sponsor  Rob Woodall  GA-7  
  Co-sponsor  Kevin Yoder  KS-3  
  Co-sponsor  Ted Yoho  FL-3  Signer
   C.W. Bill Young  FL-13  
   Don Young  AK-AL  
  Co-sponsor  Todd Young  IN-9  


TAKE ACTION and tell your Members of Congress to promise that they will commit to defunding ObamaCare by signing the Lee/Meadows letters HERE.

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