Markey Supports Gov Regulation of the Net

Congressman Ed Markey plans to introdudce legislation codifying net neutrality regulations into law in an attempt to save the internet by promoting "openness" and "non-discrimination." The idea here is to grant users of the internet what is entitled to them by the FCC:

The FCC statement says, “consumers are entitled” (our emphasis) to the “content,” “applications” and “devices” of their choice on the Internet. They are also “entitled to competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers.”

But all that Rep. Markey would be granting us would be ongoing litigation and a guarantee of regulation where the government sees fit:

Under a law like this–variations are floating around both houses of Congress–the country could look forward to years of litigation about the extent and nature of the rules. When the dust settled we’d have a new set of regulations that could span the range of possible activities on the Net. What’s more, the rules aren’t likely to stop with the phone and cable companies that have Mr. Markey and his friends at so exercised.

Don’t be fooled by Rep. Markey and his friends at

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