Is the Establishment Still Winning in Spite of Trump?

This post was authored by Ted Stevenot, a FreedomWorks Super Activist from Ohio.

Conventional wisdom tells us the establishment is having a tough year as evidenced by the rise of Donald Trump to the status of “presumptive nominee.”

But, as I have been saying for years, I believe we focus too much on the presidency. It’s like a shiny object at which the people cannot stop staring. As a consequence, when all eyes become overly fixated on the presidency, it tends to give the rest of elected officials a pass.

So has been the case this election cycle.

  • Congress has a disapproval rating of 77%, far worse than that of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, yet, incumbent Congressional members have been winning primary re-election in droves.
  • Because over 80% of Congressional districts are gerrymandered to be “safe” in the general election, the wide majority of these incumbents will win re-election in November.
  • So…all those representatives who campaigned against Obamacare, but who voted time and time again to fully fund it, will be headed back to D.C.
  • The same goes for representatives who campaigned as “fiscal conservatives” yet voted over and over again for trillions of new spending and debt.

While the presidency is important, it is critical to recognize that most of government is not the president. Changing our direction as a country requires keeping the whole picture in view.

The easiest way for citizens to make a difference overall is by taking back the political parties on the local and state level. It is through these local parties that the people will gain the closest connection and greatest ability to impact (i.e. elect and un-elect) “the rest” of government.

What are your thoughts?

  • Do you agree we cannot solve all our problems by simply electing a new president?
  • Can we really change our nation’s direction if “the rest” of the establishment keeps winning re-election?
  • Have you ever thought about helping take back the parties from the establishment by running for central committee?