Everything Conservatives Predicted About ObamaCare is Coming True

We should not apologize for trying to stop it.

In a recent op-ed, George Will compared the Tea Party movement to Barack Obama in their “[mutual] disdain for the practice of politics within the Framers’ institutional architecture.” Despite providing the only functional opposition to an unconstitutional law that is so unpopular that no one in the entire state of New York has enrolled, Republican apparatchiks and establishment politicians are more interested in fighting conservatives and those who represent them than fighting Obamacare. Some have gone so far as to suggest it is a “fools errand and a deception” to continue to fight Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has suggested there will be “no more shutdowns over Obamacare.”

Yet, the vultures are circling as the Obamacare rollout has been a disaster!

Liberal heavyweights such as Fox News contributor Alan Colmes, comedian Jon Stewart, and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer have all suggested publicly that President Obama allow Congress to pass a one year delay to the individual mandate. Liberal editors and writers see the implementation of their dream slipping through their fingers. They see a president with a paltry 37% job approval rating providing “selective transparency” of a program that is causing the mainstream media to ask the obvious question, “If the website is not fixed, will people still have to pay the fine?”

Therein lies the million dollar question. Only three of the thirteen people who stood behind President Obama in the Rose Garden on Monday have enrolled in Obamacare themselves. Insurance companies are terminating millions of policies including nearly 500,000 policies terminated by Florida Blue and Kaiser Permanente in California. Consumer Reports is advising its readers to avoid the Obamacare website. Respected business reporters are acknowledging the effect Obamacare is having in turning America into a nation of part-time employees. Even senior Obama Administration officials are unwilling to guarantee that the Obamacare website will be fixed by the end of the year. Given all that, it seems only logical to wonder why the Obama Administration has not sought to delay the individual mandate itself. After all, it has already unilaterally delayed the mandate that large corporations insure their employees by one year.

Yet, the current fiasco was foreseeable. The Obamacare website was launched despite failing key tests only days before the launch and despite receiving serious red flags from the very programmers who built the website itself. Despite claims by President Obama that Obamacare “is more than just a website,” polls suggest a majority of Americans believe the problems are more fundamental than poor website design. To fix the problems created by the Canadian web design company, President Obama announced a “tech surge” by the internet giant Verizon

Given all this, it is amazing that some Republican strategists suggest that “defundersowe “conservatives” an apology. Do cancer survivors like Joseph Claps and his wife who own a deli and catering business in Stamford, CT owe an apology too?

The Claps, originally Obama supporters who supported the President’s health care vision, were surprised to receive a letter from their insurance provider stating that their $21,000 annual insurance premium was set to rise. Given that the Claps wake up at 4:30 am six days per week to run their small business, they are not sure when they will find the time to add part-time jobs to cover the increase. 

How about my friend: A fifty year-old non-smoker, who nonetheless developed lung cancer that has since spread to the rest of his body. He is being kept alive by experimental drugs administered at a world-renowned cancer research hospital, treatment that might not otherwise be available to him under Obamacare. My friend is healthy enough that he has been able to return to work. Given that his daughter started college recently, he would like to live long enough to see her graduate. 

Do physicians owe them an apology as well?  A recent study conducted for the American Medical Association, an organization that lobbied for the passage of Obamacare, found deep dissatisfaction among doctors with the electronic medical records the federal government requires them to keep. These physicians find many of the questions invasive and unnecessary, the systems flawed and the time required to maintain them detracting from patient contact and care. More studies show that many doctors will not guarantee acceptance of Obamacare. 

While it is not surprising to find the most rabid ideologues unswayed by the plethora of evidence that Obamacare is not working, it is upsetting that those who claim to support its repeal undermine the efforts of those who are trying to repeal it. We will not apologize for doing all we can to stop this train wreck which is harming millions of Americans


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