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Latest Project Veritas Investigation Draws Ire of Homeland Security

Latest Project Veritas Investigation Draws Ire of Homeland Security

Project Veritas, lead by the intrepid James O'Keefe, released their latest investigation yesterday. This time, a group of guerilla journalists tackled the California Homeless Bill of Rights. Similar to legislation passed in Rhode Island last summer, the California Homeless Bill of Rights passed the judiciary committee with a vote of 7 to 2. The bill means to stop the criminalization of homelessness by allowing the homeless to be wherever they want, whenever they want, or so the lefties believe. 


Who's Reading Your Email?

It's been a rough day so the boss lets you head home early. As you near your house, you see an unmarked van idling in your driveway. You park on the street and carefully open your front door to find a team of government agents digging through your bookcases, file drawers and medicine cabinets. Mail is scattered everywhere.“Who are you and what are you doing?” you ask.“Oh… you weren’t supposed to know about this,” the bureaucrat replies. “You never interrupted us before. Get off work early?”“But what are you looking for?”