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FreedomWorks Activists Concerned About National Debt and COVID-19 Spending

The COVID-19 crisis has held the United States in a public health and economic headlock since the start of quarantine periods about two months ago. Each week shows increased job loss, victims of the virus, and emotional health problems. FreedomWorks activists are, sadly, not immune to the devastation inflicted by Coronavirus.

FreedomWorks Issue Analysis: Paycheck Protection and Pennsylvania
Issue Analysis

FreedomWorks Issue Analysis: Paycheck Protection and Pennsylvania

Paycheck protection laws prevent union leadership from spending compulsory membership dues on political expenses prior to obtaining consent from membership as individuals.Paycheck protection programs have proved to be effective, so long as they remain comprehensive. Given the scope of unions in the Commonwealth, Pennsylvania workers stand to retain greater freedom and more of their hard-earned paychecks if an undiluted paycheck protection program is implemented in the state.