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Op-ed Placement

States Should Have No Fear on Justice Reform

BY Sarah Anderson

The movement for criminal justice reform is permeating every corner of our lives. From prime-time discussions on major cable news channels to frequent mentions on local news stations, from Facebook timelines to dinner table discussions, the words “justice reform” have become familiar with individuals, students, families and communities across the country.

The Cavalry Isn’t Coming — States Must Create Their Own Success

The Cavalry Isn’t Coming — States Must Create Their Own Success

I miss the heady days of January 2012, just 12 months ago. Sure, the economy was lousy, GOP primary debates were tedious, and “We Bought a Zoo” was still in theatres. But there was a faint glimmer of hope on the horizon.Conservatives had made huge gains in 2010, the Supreme Court had a decent chance of tossing out Obamacare, and the presidential approval rating was well under 50 percent. If everything broke just right, the GOP could recapture the White House and start to fix the economic damage.