FINALLY- they’re telling me how to talk

New York is considering banning two widely-used "bad words."

While the bill also bans the slang word “ho,” the b-word appears to have acquired more shades of meaning among various groups, ranging from a term of camaraderie to, in a gerund form, an expression of emphatic approval. Ms. Mealy acknowledged that the measure was unenforceable, but she argued that it would carry symbolic power against the pejorative uses of the word. Even so, a number of New Yorkers said they were taken aback by the idea of prohibiting a term that they not only use, but do so with relish and affection.

So, let me get this straight- You’ve got a big target on your back for international terrorists, you’ve got an incredible homeless issue, and you’re spending your time telling people how to speak?
Certainly, NYC or any other city would be better without demeaning curse words, but seriously- BANNING a word?

Another instance of symbolic governmental regulation to make people feel better about themselves…