FL Activists Oppose ObamaCare

Thank you to FreedomWorks for sponsoring the Repeal ObamaCare Event. 15 People from the South Lake 912 Project and the North Lake TEA Party braved the coldest weather in Florida this year 40 degrees and 20 mph winds. We considered it a great success as we had a chance to speak with Lisa Marshall, Deputy Director of Constituent Services for Senator Bill Nelson. While she did not agree with out views, Ms. Marshall told us all of the attributes of the Affordable Care Act we were able to discredit all of them with factual information and without confrontation.

She asked us if we had anything in writing and I explained no matter what we send in writing to the senator the only response we get is a form letter on how the Affordable Care Act may have some slight problems that need to be improved, but that is has helped more people than it has hurt. We explained that the only way to correct the problem is to REPEAL OBAMACARE! It was our honor to once again join forces with FreedomWorks.

Thanks again for your tireless work!

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