FreedomWorks Endorses Rep. David Schweikert for Republican Policy Committee Chair

On behalf of our activist community, we urge you to support Rep. David Schweikert to serve as the next chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee. We are thrilled that Rep. Schweikert is running for this post. One thing that’s clear after the midterm election is that House Republicans need a fresh approach to policy, one that’s outside the box and promotes innovation and technology. This has been Rep. Schweikert’s approach to public policy while he has served in the House.

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Schweikert worked on the development of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has boosted the economy, helped businesses create more jobs, and increased wages for hardworking Americans. He also recognizes that federal entitlement programs are unsustainable and must be reformed so that our children and grandchildren will have economic opportunities and prosperity in the future.

Rep. Schweikert’s grasp of policy extends beyond the basic issues facing the country and into promoting innovative ideas. He introduced legislation to create an invisible risk pool for consumers with preexisting conditions. This is based on similar concepts in Alaska and Maine that have contributed to premium decreases in those states while maintaining coverage for consumers with preexisting conditions. Innovative policy ideas like this are critical to winning suburban districts that Republicans lost in the recent midterm election.

A co-chairman of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, Rep. Schweikert has introduced legislation to promote the implementation of blockchain technology and allow it to continue to grow. His reliance on data to help guide lawmakers and regulators alike is a needed approach, which is reflected in legislation to improve TANF data reporting, as well as another bill that would promote crowdsourcing environmental data.

Rep. Schweikert would also be valuable as chairman of the Republican Policy Committee because he connects with grassroots conservative activists. We have seen this time and time again when Rep. Schweikert speaks to members of our community. He understands the important role they play, and the grassroots responds positively to him and the ideas he promotes.

We’re proud to endorse Rep. Schweikert to serve as the next chairman of House Republican Policy Committee and urge House Republicans to support him in next week’s election. His approach to policy and innovation and his ability to inspire and motivate grassroots activists is critical at this moment to help Republicans better define themselves, adapt and take advantage of changing technology, and win elections in the future.


Adam Brandon, President, FreedomWorks