FreedomWorks For America “FreedomWork Shop” Grand Opening

FreedomWorks For America had the grand-opening of its Get Out The Vote “FreedomWork Shop” in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, last night with over 100 energized grassroots activists in attendance.  

Given that 8 million Americans have lost their jobs since 2008, 47 million Americans are now on food stamps, 1million fewer women are currently working and our national debt has reached an unthinkable $16 Trillion ($5 Trillion increase in the past 4 years alone!), it was no surprise that the crowd at the event was totally taken by the grassroots leaders from all over the South Eastern region of our state who spoke about the importance of Getting Out The Vote between now and the November 6th election.  

I was proud to stand amongst my felow Tea Partiers last night, a group of folks who came together back in the early stages of the grassroots uprising back in 2009 and who have stood strong together through the test of time, each and every one of us contributing what we can to turn America around during this crucial moment in the history of our nation. 

The opening of the “FreedomWork Shop” truly signifies the climax of our fight against this administration and its fiscal policies as we march into the final stages of the short-term battle for the freedom of our children and our grand-children, for the survival of the America that some of us were born into and others, like myself, chose to call it “home”.  

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