FreedomWorks Foundation’s Formal Comment on Government-Wide Reform

FreedomWorks Foundation responded to an open request from the Trump administration’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for suggestions on how to reform the federal government to better serve the American people.

The comments submitted by FreedomWorks Foundation focus on regulatory reform. This is in line with a major project of FreedomWorks Foundation called the Regulatory Action Center. The Regulatory Action Center is aimed at rolling back economically destructive and constitutionally questionable rules and regulations.

To this end, the Foundation’s comments suggest three reforms:

  • Sunset/review provisions for all new rules (excluding rule-changes reducing regulation)
  • Time-limits on all applications for regulatory permissions and waivers
  • Cost-benefit analysis reform to expand requirements to independent regulatory agencies and enhance the role of judicial review

You can read the entirety of FreedomWorks Foundation’s official comments and our supporting arguments here or in the attached document below.