FreedomWorks Hosts Statewide Tea Party and Liberty Group Meeting In North Carolina

On Saturday, August 22, tea party and liberty group leaders from across North Carolina joined FreedomWorks for fellowship and information. The packed room included over 40 activists from the far regions of the state. Outer Banks Tea Party Chairwoman, Mattie Lawson drove five hours to be with us! Activists shared information about their organizations and the important work they are doing. I was happy to share information about the FreedomWorks upcoming 9-12 Activist Summit to be held in Kissimmee, Florida and information about the important issues FreedomWorks is currently working on.

I gave both a state legislative and federal issue update. Activist were especially interested in our Empower work and in our work in Criminal Justice reform. I was delighted to be able to introduce Clarence Henderson, a recent FreedomWorks Activist of the Month. Clarence is one of our Empower Panelists and is a civil rights leader who participated in the Greensboro Woolworth Lunch Counter Sit-In. Clarence received a round of applause for his amazing activism!

I was pleased to introduce Jane Bilello and Robert Malt of the Ashville Tea Party who shared the news of an exciting and historic event to be held in on October 17: The North Carolina Tea Party Constitutional Caucus. Activists were extremely enthusiastic about the Caucus and many volunteered to help! For more information about this historic event, please visit: