FreedomWorks Statement in Response to President Biden’s Comments on Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to President Biden’s statement to the nation regarding the current situation in Afghanistan, Adam Brandon, President of FreedomWorks, commented:

“American service members and our allies answered our nation’s call, with thousands paying the ultimate sacrifice over the last 20 years. We must never forget their sacrifice for our nation.

“However, the disheartening images coming from Kabul show that President Biden’s plan for a ‘secure and orderly’ drawdown has failed dismally. FreedomWorks has long supported ending the war in Afghanistan, but President Biden has failed not only our Afghan allies, but the American people as well. His reluctance to account today for why his withdrawal strategy has failed speaks volumes.

“President Biden is not alone in bearing blame for the events unfolding in Afghanistan. The senior military and intelligence officials, who for years gave an inaccurate picture of the realities on the ground to Congress, must also be held responsible. But above all it is Congress who authorized the war, continually funded nearly $1 trillion for ‘nation building,’ and abandoned its oversight responsibilities that must ultimately be held accountable.

“Members of Congress will tweet, take interviews, and rant about what we should’ve done. If Republicans and Democrats are serious about preventing future disasters like the one unfolding in Afghanistan, then they must repeal the outdated 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force. Ultimately, it is their constitutional duty to declare war or maintain the peace – not President Biden’s.”