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FreedomWorks Unveils Hispanic Grassroots Alliance

Today, FreedomWorks announced the launch of our Hispanic Grassroots Alliance (HGA). The goal of the HGA initiative is to support and energize small government, pro-freedom grassroots activists in the Hispanic community. Recent voting trends and polling shows that Hispanic and Latino voters are increasingly favoring policies and lawmakers that promote school choice, free markets, and individual liberty.

The HGA program will include tour dates in target states Texas, Arizona, and Florida to identify, train, and educate Hispanic and Latino activists on how to grow support within their communities for the liberty movement and get pro-liberty policies enacted at the local, state, and federal levels.

Listed below are the cities and dates:


  • October 15 – San Antonio
  • October 16 – McAllen/Edinburg
  • October 21 – Austin


  • November 4 – Tucson
  • November 5 – Avondale
  • November 6 – Phoenix


  • December 2 – Orlando
  • December 3 – Palm Beach
  • December 4 – Miami

For more information on these tour dates and the HGA, please contact Communications Director Peter Vicenzi at or Grassroots Director Dercy Teixeira at