Get the IRS Out of Our Health Care!

Did you know that the IRS is in charge of enforcing and implementing ObamaCare? (1)

Yeah, the same agency that was busted for unfairly targeting conservative and libertarian groups. (2)

…Is going to be in charge of administering the health care law. (3)

How can we trust an agency that has a history of punishing people based on their political views? (4)

And, why is the Internal Revenue Service—whose purpose is to collect and administer the federal income tax—involved in health care? (5)

ObamaCare greatly expands the IRS by delegating 47 new powers to the national tax collection agency. (6)

The most obvious way the IRS will be involved is through collecting 20 new or higher taxes in ObamaCare. (7)

You’re going to be taxed if you don’t purchase health insurance. (8)

Another way the IRS will be involved is through administrating subsidies (aka taxpayer dollars) to private companies. (9)

This is just another form of corporate welfare and the government picking winners and losers in the marketplace. (10)

The IRS will also be required to harvest vast amounts of our sensitive and personal financial information. (11)

Yikes. I mean, they can’t even keep track of their own records. (12)

Surrreeeeee…. (13)

So, why should we want them in charge of administering ObamaCare? (14)

Clearly, we cannot allow the IRS to be involved in our health care. Take action at the link below!

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