GOP Joint Economic Committee healthcare charts illustrate harmful effects of Reid bill

The GOP Joint Economic Committee compiled a series of charts that illustrate the harmful effects of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) healthcare takeover bill, including:

  • Tax increases (particularly on the middle class)

  • Employer effects

  • Marriage penalties and other bad disincentives

  • Consequences of non- or inadequately inflation indexed taxes

  • Cuts in Medicare

  • Subsidies for citizens vs. non-citizens

  • Health care outcomes and cost comparisons across countries

  • A detailed flow-chart on “How to keep your Dr. under the Senate bill”

All 38 charts can be seen here. 

(Note that these charts do not reflect recent changes in the Senate bill such as the indexing of FSA’s or the increase in the Medicare “surtax” to 0.9 percent.)