Historic day for women?

I just watched Nancy Pelosi, newly appointed (first-ever female) Speaker of the House, announce that today is an historic day for women in this country and that “we” have waited 200 years for this to happen. She also pointed out what a great day it is for “our” daughters and granddaughters because “we” have broken through the “marble ceiling.”

Am I missing something here? Isn’t this what “we women” are supposed to be fighting against? Supporting (or refusing to support) someone based on their gender? According to Pelosi’s wisdom maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t vote for political candidates based on their gender, their religion, their sexual orientation, their age, their skin color, etc. I vote for candidates based on their support for issues of lower taxes, less government and more freedom. Period.

I am far more interested in seeing pro-freedom leaders such as Mike Pence, Marsha Blackburn, or Paul Ryan succeed than I am in some politician’s chromosomal line up.

I’d also like to know what Speaker Pelosi means by “historic.” Historic in the sense that I’m likely to see my taxes increase? Historic in the sense that enacting true Social Security reform will be more difficult now than ever? Historic in the sense that support for our military may wane? Historic in the sense that we’ll see more support than ever for unions?

Our FreedomWorks Congressional Scorecard gave Speaker Pelosi a big fat zero, which means she refused to support freedom on at least 12 bills that we measured. It means she failed to support private property rights by voting no on HR 4772. She also voted against earmark reform when she voted no on HR 1000. Continuing her march through the faux-marble ceiling she voted against free market support of cable TV and the Internet by voting yes on the Markey Amendment on HR 5252.

While the Speaker earned herself a goose egg from FreedomWorks, the National Education Association gave her a 100% in part no doubt for her opposition to vouchers. She has also voted to increase funding for the National Endowment for the Arts by $10 million while having the nerve to claim in her address today that the current Congress will refuse to burden future generations with “mountains of debt.” Does this mean that Pelosi has discovered a money tree in her backyard that none of us know about?

I assure you Speaker Pelosi that this is one woman who does not wish to be included in your club. You don’t speak for me, nor do I find your election as Speaker reason to celebrate. Woman or not.