House Watch – May 15, 2023

Good morning and welcome to the latest edition of House Watch, where FreedomWorks informs activists and partners on upcoming House votes.

The House is in session for the second in a three-week work period. The House will consider bills and resolutions related to law enforcement. 

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Legislation That May Be Considered Pursuant To A Rule:

H.R. 2494: POLICE Act of 2023 (Rep. Andrew Garbarino (R-NY-02)/ Committee on the Judiciary)

This bill would amend Section 237(a)(2) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1227(a)(2)) to make it a deportable offense for any alien who assaults a law enforcement officer.  

H.R. 3091: Federal Law Enforcement Officer Service Weapon Purchase Act (Rep. Russell Fry (R-SC-07)/ Committee on the Judiciary)

This bill would require the Administrator of General Services to create a program that allows federal law enforcement officers to purchase a retired handgun from the agency that issued the handgun to the officer. The handgun must be sold at fair market value for the age and condition, and the officer purchasing the handgun must be in good standing with the federal agency that employs the officer. 

H. Con. Res. 40: Expressing support for local law enforcement officers and condemning efforts to defund or dismantle local law enforcement agencies (Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO-04)/ Committee on the Judiciary) 

This resolution would state that Congress recognizes and appreciates the dedication and devotion demonstrated by the men and women of local law enforcement who keep American communities safe and condemns calls to defund, disband, dismantle, or abolish the police.

Legislation That May Be Considered Under Suspension Of The Rules:

H. Res. 363: A Resolution Memorializing Law Enforcement Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty, As Amended (Rep. Michael Guest (R-TX-01)/ Committee on the Judiciary) 

This resolution states the House of Representatives acknowledges that police officers and other law enforcement personnel, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice, should be remembered and honored, express unwavering support for law enforcement officers across the U.S., recognize the need to ensure that law enforcement personnel have the equipment, training, and resources necessary to protect themselves while protecting the public, recognize the law enforcement community for continual unseen acts of sacrifice, and express condolences and appreciation to the loved ones of law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

H.R. 3089: NDO Fairness Act (Rep. Scott Fitzgerald (R-WI-05)/ Committee on the Judiciary)

Background: Current law authorizes the government to compel providers of electronic communication services or remote computing services to disclose certain records and information about subscribers and customers. Further, a provider may notify subscribers or customers of the government’s request for records and information unless the government obtains a delayed notification order.

This bill would raise the standard for courts to grant a delayed notification order,

requires courts to issue delayed notification orders only after issuing a written determination based on specific facts, requires orders to be narrowly tailored, and shortens the duration of delayed notification orders. Finally, the bill requires the Department of Justice to report annually on data related to delayed notification orders, including the number of customers targeted; the number of applications for orders; the number of orders granted, extended, or denied; and the number of orders targeting members of the media or conduct related to certain protected activities. 

FW View: FreedomWorks supports this legislation. 

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