Issue Brief: Overcriminalization in America

"Every year, throughout the United States, thousands of citizens are being abused by a growingly authoritarian federal government. The sheer volume of federal statutes and regulations that carry criminal penalties means that every American could be considered a criminal by federal authorities for one thing or another. Unfortunately, most people do not take the time to consider the issue of overcriminalization until they are at the receiving end of a federal subpoena. In order to combat this epidemic of overcriminalization, legislators, bureaucrats, and other decision makers must recognize the scope of this issue and begin by plucking the lowest hanging fruit to address it."

This brief quickly addresses many of the problems of overcriminalization in America, and shows how policymakers can take direct actions to more adequately protect their constituents.

You can read the full brief or download it as a .pdf below:

FW-WhitePaper – Overcrim – Hogg by Jason Pye on Scribd