It’s the socialist version of “Hogwarts”

Hillary Clinton will start a "national academy to train public servants" if elected.

I’m going to be asking a new generation to serve,” she said. “I think just like our military academies, we need to give a totally all-paid education to young men and women who will serve their country in a public service position

I can only image the bias at this school…..

National Public Service Academy Course Listing
1) Income Redistribution 103: Social Security Studies
2) Healthcare 200: The Government Knows Your Body Better than You
3) Fairness Doctrine 510: Free Speech for Leftists
4) American Heroes 312: Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Karl Marx

I thought there already were already places to learn how to serve the public- college, maybe?

I hear the school color will be red.