Join Us This July for Our Justice Reform Campaign on Twitter!

The United States is THE world leader in incarceration. Over the last 10 years, however, the justice reform community has pushed in the direction of smart, evidence-based methods to reduce crime and improve public safety. States like Texas and Georgia, and more recently Alaska, Kansas, and Maryland, have discovered value in moving away from the “Tough on Crime” stance of the 80s and seeking reforms that reduce monetary costs and bring about significant savings for taxpayers. Champions of the cause like Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, and Representative Justin Amash, are leaders of strong conservative and constitutional values, all scoring lifetime ratings of 99 percent or 100 percent on the FreedomWorks’ Congressional scorecard.

With strong facts and leaders behind this effort, why are we still trying to convince Congress, state legislators, and American citizens that implementation of smart and appropriate justice reform is the right direction for our nation?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not so easy to decipher. We can only continue efforts by educating others and supporting reforms that will bring about positive change that abides by our Constitutional values.


Justice reform is a big deal around here at FreedomWorks, and we’re planning to highlight this effort throughout the month of July. From Sentencing and Corrections reform to Civil Asset Forfeiture and Juvenile Justice reform, we’ll be tweeting out a fact a day throughout the duration of the month.

Along with facts sent out through daily tweets, the main features of our July twitter campaign will include profiles of Americans who have experienced certain injustices within the criminal justice system, weekly polls, two Twitter Q&A sessions, and a joint Facebook-Live session with the US Justice Action Network.

Law Enforcement Facebook Live Session:

On Friday, July 8th at 12:30 PM, FreedomWorks will be hosting a Facebook Live Chat with the US Justice Action Network. Special guests for this chat will be Brett Tolman and Matthew Orwig, who will be in DC to speak at a Law Enforcement policy briefing focusing on how sentencing and corrections reform makes communities and law enforcement safer.

Please be sure to join this chat by visiting the FreedomWorks Facebook page on Friday, July 8. You can tweet your questions to us @FreedomWorks on Twitter for the chance to ask your questions during the Live Chat session.

Twitter Q&A:

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Starting on Saturday, July 9, we’ll collect questions throughout the week from our Twitter followers concerning Civil Asset Forfeiture. On Friday, July 15, our Director of Communications and Director of the Justice Reform project, Jason Pye, will specifically address your questions from our Twitter account.

Justice Reform

The second Twitter Q&A session will commence on Saturday, July 23, with questions collected throughout the week answered on Friday, July 29. Your questions will be answered in the same fashion as the Civil Asset Forfeiture session but will address questions ranging anywhere from Sentencing and Corrections reform to Juvenile Justice reform.

We hope you’ll join the conversation this July. Make sure to follow us both on Twitter and Facebook to participate.

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