Maine Set to Vote on TABOR in November

With Maine’s taxpayer bill of rights petition confirmed by the state Supreme Court, TABOR is set to be on the voter’s ballot in November. Bill Becker and the Maine Heritage Policy Center debunk many of the myths behind TABOR, explain the excitement behind this bill, and the importance of getting it passed into law:

For over ten years, Maine’s state and local tax burden has been the highest in the nation. Anyone who tells you that this fact hasn’t had a negative impact on our economy – specifically on the number of jobs and the wages paid in Maine – must be from another planet. In fact, our tax burden is 25% higher than the national average, and our median income is 38th lowest third in the nation. We have lost Maine businesses, and been unable to attract new out-of-state businesses, because we are at a competitive disadvantage.

Read more from Mr. Becker and how TABOR will help force Maine’s elected officials to live within their means