McCain Wants to Veto Pork

Fledgling presidential candidate John McCain in Michigan today promised that if elected president he would repeal the alternative minimum tax.

“I am committed to repealing this tax before millions of American families are forced to devote even more of their hard work to paying for the spending largesse in Washington,”

McCain emphasized his history of fighting against pork and stressed that he would fight for a line item veto to veto wasteful government spending:

“Give me the pen, and I’ll veto every single pork-barrel bill Congress sends me, and if they keep sending them to me, I’ll use the bully pulpit to make the people who are wasting your money famous,”

Perhaps McCain, who originally opposed the president’s tax cuts, is seeing that the real problem in Washington is the spending and not a shortage of revenue. It is also good to hear a candidate talk of the line item veto which would prove to be an effective executive tool against wasteful government spending and pork.