Out-of-State Interests Try to Shape Our Future.

Thank you for publishing the ballot initiatives chart on July 8. It appears, judging from the number of out-of-state individuals and groups backing constitutional changes and some state law changes, that there is considerable and widespread concern about the ability of Oregonians to govern themselves.

From far-off Washington, D.C., Grover Norquist (Club for Growth, Americans for Tax Reform, etc.) and his man-on-the-scene Russ Walker (FreedomWorks, etc.) tell us that we need state spending caps, judicial elections and term limits, among other things, and that squelching those pesky unions might not be a bad idea.

It is also evident that expatriate Loren Parks from nearby Nevada is still deeply concerned about Oregonians, and having failed to provide us with an appropriate gubernatorial candidate for the forthcoming elections, is now favoring constitutional as well as state law changes.

It is heartwarming to know that there are those outside our little old Blue state, here in the upper left-hand corner of our great nation, that are aware of how we do things, are willing to point out our shortcomings, and are ready to help us change.

Indeed, we are blessed!