Minimum Wage Hike Takes Toll On Holiday Ringers

An article in the Flint Journal describes the impact of the state’s new minimum wage hike: fewer jobs. Specifically, the Salvation Army will be hiring fewer bell ringers this holiday season:

A $1.80 an hour increase in Michigan’s minimum wage going into effect Sunday will fatten the paychecks of most local Salvation Army bell ringers this year – but fewer likely will be hired.

Hiring reductions, pay freezes and price increases are among ways some area employers are adjusting to legislation approved in March to boost Michigan’s hourly minimum wage for workers 18 and older from the current $5.15 to $6.95.

The impact of artificial price fixing of wages is obvious to any student of Economics 101: in this case, less demand for labor. Michigan policymakers continue to pursue misguided regulations that keep the state stagnant and diminish its civic life. Tip of the hat to Amanda Carpenter for passing this piece along.