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More Voices from Around the Country – Blogger Network Announced

Over the past several years, FreedomWorks has worked with a number of social media activists, bloggers and online warriors as part of our comprehensive effort to share the message of “Lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.”

We’ve offered many of these talented individuals the training and support necessary to become a more prominent and effective voice in this movement. Now we’re offering a few select bloggers something else: another platform to share their great work!

I am excited to announce the first five contributors to the FreedomWorks blogger network. These individuals come to us from across the country and have proven time and again to be a friend of liberty and willing to take on the battles that lie ahead.

Please help me welcome them!

Kemberlee Kaye is a staunch believer in self-education and believes it is the responsibility of every citizen to be an active part of the informed electorate. She is a student of early American and Constitutional history. She has made it her personal goal to expose the farse of liberalism, hypocrisy of liberals and the truth the left works diligently to bury and distort.  She loves sharing the truth with anyone who cares to listen.

Kemberlee Kaye is a Contributor at The Right Scoop and a Contributing Editor at The Political Operative. Kemberlee will be writing primarily on our endorsed candidates and campaign events during this very busy election season. Follow Kemberlee on twitter @red_red_head

Jeffery Reynolds is member of the leadership council of Oregon Tea Party PAC, and current Chair of the Multnomah County Republican Party.  

Jeff is a contributor to Red County, Conservative Daily News, and In addition, in 2011 Jeff founded 54°40’ Or Fight!, a media watchdog site for local and national news based in Oregon.

In his spare time, Jeff occupies a cubicle, raises 2 kids and a cat and a dog with his wife, and pays his mortgage. Follow Jeff on twitter @chargerJeff

Jim Hoft is the proprietor of “Gateway Pundit” blog from America’s Heartland – St. Louis, Missouri. GatewayPundit has become a major resource for right-of-center news. The site is currently ranked 10 in the Wikio listing of top American political blogs and is the second most visited news website in the St. Louis region with 2.5 million visitors each month. The site is listed as one of the top 60 collective news resources at Memeorandum and was listed as one of the top 100 blogs in a Carnegie Mellon University study.

Jim Hoft is also active in the tea party movement and has spoken to several groups across the country. Jim has a personal devotion to democracy and freedom and follows freedom movements from inside Iran to the streets of Azerbaijan. His passion is liberty. His devotion is to America. Follow Jim on twitter @gatewaypundit

Stephen Kruiser is a professional stand-up comic, writer and long-time conservative political activist. He is the host of Kruiser Control on, a contributor to and a frequent guest on Fox News’ “Red Eye”.  Kruiser has been at the forefront of using social media for activism and regularly speaks at grassroots training events around the country. He lives with his daughter in Los Angeles, CA. Follow Stephen on twitter @StephenKruiser 

Loren Heal is a political activist and writer. His main interests are political party reform, discovering and stopping corruption, and the complete and utter defeat of Marxism as a political movement. Active in reforming the political parties, in 2012 the voters in his congressional district elected him as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

He is a former Marine, and holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois. He has been an online contributor since 1989, and writes freelance on health, technology, and political corruption. He lives in rural Illinois with his wife and two dogs. Follow Loren on twitter @Lheal