The Next Generation of Liberty Artists: Kate Barnett

Kate joined Liberatchik around the age of 20, when she was actively seeking like-minded artists; making her one of our youngest members. After years at a liberal charter art high school and experimenting with the idea of college at the local community college, she needed a more real and genuine way in which to promote her work and ideas.

“It’s a joy to know so many similar and like minded artists. It’s a war out there, but it’s good to have friends.” – Kate Barnett

Kate is a Gothic illustrator who has been one of the earliest members of Liberatchik. In addition to being a member and Featured artist on our page, she is our Social Media Director for the group. We have enjoyed seeing her work develop over the years and look forward to seeing all the twists and turns in her future growth as an artist.

Kate works primarily using graphite pencil and charcoal pastels. In recent years she has begun to experiment with digital drawings. She has an eclectic style, with themes focusing primarily on portraits and still-lifes.

When Kate first saw a video of me talking about Liberatchik, she said – "I was blown away. Finding out that there is such a thing as a ‘conservative artist’ was very reassuring to me as a young adult. I hope to pursue my passions as a visual artist, and proudly share my views and opinions."