No Reconciliation Petition Over 95,000!

FreedomWorks “No Reconciliation” petition has garnered over 95,000 signatures!  Urge your friends to sign today to help us push past 100,000 who oppose ramming this legislation through Congress.

Still, it’s starting to look like using the nuclear option isn’t the only trick up Pelosi’s sleeve

The risks are plain enough that Pelosi doesn’t yet have the votes: Her members fear they’ll be left hanging to defend their votes for the hated Senate bill.

So now Democratic leaders say they’ll package a two-for-one vote: Moving the original Senate bill simultaneously with a “reconciliation” bill — thus, if the House votes for the bill of fixes, the main Senate bill will be deemed to also have passed. Then the reconciliation bill will go back to the Senate, where it only needs 50 votes (plus Vice President Joe Biden’s) to pass.

We need to be keeping up the pressure on all fronts to stop this tax-hiking monstrosity once and for all.  Visit our online war room to call your Congressmen, write to them, and find the latest updates on our issue development page.

And don’t forget to join us in DC next Tuesday, the 16th for a day of lobbying.  Anyone too far away should call and visit their district offices.


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