Obama Campaign Workers Caught Facilitating Voter Fraud

It was just a few months ago that Fox News contributor Juan Williams was following the lead of his liberal media cohorts in pretending that voter fraud was a non-existent phenomenon.  He brushed the concept off as nothing more than an attempt to suppress Democrat voters in general, and minority voters more specifically.  Williams called GOP demands for voter ID laws a “fictional controversy”, the equivalent of “yelling ‘fire’ when there is no fire”.

The fiction however, has long been reality, and thanks to an undercover investigative video from James O’Keefe, a new fire is raging, and it is Obama campaign staffers left holding the match.

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released multiple videos which show officials from President Obama’s re-election campaign and a paid employee from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) conspiring to aid a ‘supporter’ in committing voter fraud across multiple states.

In one video, Stephanie Caballero can be seen assisting an undercover reporter in registering to vote for President Obama in Florida, despite the fact that the reporter is making it clear they intend to vote twice (Florida and Texas).

Caballero is a salaried employee of the DNC and the Regional Field Director for Obama’s Organizing For America (OFA) in Houston, Texas.  The reporter states her intentions and adds, “it just really concerns me that if we don’t do everything we can we’re not going to win.”  Caballero, seemingly in agreement, indicates she will print out a Florida absentee ballot, which she indeed provides in a follow-up visit a few weeks later.

The Daily Caller provides this exchange:

Caballero gave her a Florida absentee ballot application to “help her vote twice.”

After Caballero sets the videographer up to vote in Florida, she asked the Project Veritas investigator: “Are you going to do what I think you’re going do?”

The videographer responded: “Well, I mean, if no one’s gonna know…”

Caballero audibly laughed, then said: “You’re so hilarious!”

“Okay I’m just going to print this out for you,” Caballero then said.

Voter fraud.  Criminal activity.  Hilarious.


A second video shows OFA staffers providing undercover journalists with further advice on how to execute a successful double vote, as well as providing the paperwork to do so.  It also includes testimony from one Erin Haust, who despite not having lived in the state of Florida in over fourteen years cannot get her name removed from the voter rolls.


Watchdog.org explains the legal ramifications of what we are seeing in these stunning videos.

“Casting more than one ballot in the same election is a violation of federal and state statutes. Experts said helping someone violate election law is also a crime.”

The  Franklin Center provided the specific legal statutes:

“Federally, 42 USC § 1973gg is the strongest as it penalizes attempts to deprive residents of a fair election through false voter registration forms. 42 USC 1973i(c) is your other strong bet. There are more (like the antiquated 18 USC 597), but these 1973gg and 1973i(c) are your strongest federal options.

Remember, policing election integrity occurs first at the state level, then goes up to the federal level. Under Texas law, pay attention to Section 273.001 of the Texas Election Code. It provides that if two or more registered voters present affidavits alleging criminal conduct in connection with the election to the county prosecutor, he shall investigate the matter. If the conduct concerns activities beyond one county, the state attorney general may be properly involved. And Texas imposes duties upon state registrars to ensure that voter registration forms are complete and true — see Tex. Elec. Code 15.021, 15.112, 15.051(a). Texas election law also permits voting contests to occur when there is evidence of fraud or mistake in connection with the administration of an election (e.g. registering false voters). See Tex. Elec. Code 221.003″

Upon viewing the Project Veritas report, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas issued a statement ripping the staffers for portraying the crime of voter fraud as ‘hilarious’, and demanded, “Obama campaign staffers who encouraged voters to violate the law and cast fraudulent ballots should be fired.”

Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation had this to say regarding the videos:

This is an extremely serious violation of the law. O’Keefe’s video also includes scenes of OFA voter registration volunteers offering registration forms to individuals who state they are probably going to vote in two states. It is unknown at this point how common this type of assistance is across the country.

But Logan Churchwell of True the Vote, an organization that tracks the trend of multiple voter registrations, told Watchdog.org that his group has found no less than 99 examples of the same type of behavior being exhibited in the new videos.

He adds, “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The administration has yet to comment on the investigation, but if past behavior indicates future response, they’ll simply pretend that the real, tangible, investigative journalism on display by O’Keefe and his Project Veritas is nothing more than a “fictional controversy”.