ObamaCare Dismal on Cost, Jobs, & Welfare

Yesterday’s news cycle produced another case of ammo against Obamacare – showing that Obama’s signature law is failing on cost, jobs, and welfare.

First, BusinessWeek reports that Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s), a promised vehicle to reduce costs by bringing hospitals and doctors together to find innovative means to save money (especially on preventive care), is not doing well. The article reports, “Thirty-two health care provider groups signed up for the pioneer program intended to promote the new model, but…only 13 of them generated enough savings to qualify for a cut. Two participants actually lost money instead. [While the article mentions some successes]…nine [companies] are slated to exit the program.”

Second, CNBC reports that “in a new survey of 300 accounting professionals, 66 percent say they expect the Affordable Care Act will make it less likely that businesses will add new employees in the next year…only two percent are more likely to add new employees.” 

Lastly, the Daily Caller reports that “a new study suggests that nearly one million people could be moved from work to welfare by Obamacare.” The study conducted by professors at Columbia University, Northwestern University and the University of Chicago found that state-based individual insurance exchanges, federal subsidies, and Medicaid expansion will “weaken the link between employment and health insurance.

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