45,192 people think Sally should not have to bail out Bob

As of 9AM this morning, 45,192 people have signed the online petition at AngryRenter.com calling for Congress to not pass any bailout programs that reward risky borrowing and lending. According to the AngryRenter.com website, the preferred solution to the foreclosure crisis is to; “Let the free market sort it out!”

The $300 million mortgage bailout bill has made its way out of Barney Frank’s (D.-Mass.) Financial Services Committee with a vote of 46-21 in favor. President Bush on Wednesday threatened to veto the bill, saying that that “it would “reward speculators and lenders” (h/t Townhall.com.)

AngryRenter.com is just a month old but it seems to have struck a chord. Freedomworks, the non-profit, non-partisan group behind AngryRenter, clearly understands the dynamics of grass roots initiatives on the web. If you don’t know who Bob and Sally are, watch the short video clip I pasted below this. The cause, which posted this clever video to YouTube on April 10th has since been featured on CNN and FOX news and now … Zillowblog!

So, what do you think; should Sally have to bail out Bob?