Backlund serves others

Thank you to the Statesman Journal for your editorial on Vic Backlund. Vic truly has an understanding of service to all constituents and does not run on a personal agenda. He takes the time to talk with everyone who has a need or concern. He really listens and does research to try to find solutions.

Vic has spent his life serving others, mostly youth for the first part of his life and now the whole state of Oregon. I vote for Vic because I trust his personal values and his lifelong commitment to serving others. I live across the street from the Backlunds and have seen his concern for others in action for the 11 years that I have lived here.

There has been such an attack on his character and his voting record by his opponent. Many statements they make are seriously distorted, if not untrue. Citizens for a Sound Economy is a Washington, D.C.-based organization and cares little for the people of Oregon. Let’s stick with Vic, who serves District 25 with integrity.

—Merriley Smith