Better Leadership to Control Spending

Jeff Crank, Republican candidate for Congress in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, today questioned his opponent, Doug Lamborn, as to why he has been siding with the D.C. establishments to protect pork-barrel, earmark spending.

“We need members of Congress committed to cutting away from the pack and standing up for what we deserve,” said Crank.

According to’s Robert Novak last week, House Republicans proposed calling for a vote on earmarks during a closed-door session to make responses a bit tougher. The vote never passed the whip check. “Lamborn is not willing to stand up and fight for cutting spending,” said Crank. “You have to do more than just vote. We need an advocate,” he concluded.

Crank, who sided with McCain last week on the halt of earmarks, is the only candidate in the race to sign the FreedomWorks pledge banning earmarks. “We simply need to take action,” said Crank. “We have dug a hole that we need to be climbing out of, not digging deeper.”